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Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) Los Angeles - GUE Instructor Steven Millington

The GUE Fundamentals course is GUE’s most popular recreational diver class. Recognized as having the dive industry’s highest standards in diver training, this immensely popular recreational course takes your personal diving skills to levels you never thought possible.

GUE Instructor Steven Millington and GUE Diver Dennis Lawson during an underwater cleanup project - Los Angeles

This team-focused course is designed to refine your diving skills, expand your capacity with buoyancy control & trim, along with balance, in-water positioning, 6 different propulsion techniques including the back-kick & team diving. Focus is also emphasized on teamwork, communication, problem solving, awareness and control in the water, which greatly enhances your safety and fun.

Benefits of GUE Training:

  • Learn exceptional buoyancy skills - great for photographers.
  • Improve your comfort & control in the water
  • Learn what team diving is all about
  • GUE has an exceptional safety record with focus on safety-oriented training
  • Be more environmentally friendly
  • Increase your bottom times
  • Learn about streamlining yourself and your equipment
  • Learn why this is not just for tech diving
  • Understand the benefits of using standardized equipment
  • Gain access to a worldwide group of GUE divers

  • The GUE Fundamentals Course is 4-5 Full Days
  • Taught by GUE Instructor Steve Millington

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