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GUE Primer Course - Los Angeles

The GUE Primer course is a two day workshop, focusing on buoyancy control, balance, stability, trim & propulsion (kicking) techniques. Great for those seeking to improve their overall control in the water. A great class for new and experienced divers & photographers.



GUE Doubles Diver Course - Los Angeles

The GUE Doubles Diver course is a two day workshop, preparing you for diving a double tanks configuration. Emphasis is placed on proper buoyancy and trim, valve drills, the 9 associated failures, recognition, problem resolution and team diving.



GUE Drysuit Diver Course - Los Angeles

Learn the proper techniques for drysuit diving. The GUE Drysuit course prepares you for controlling buoyancy, trim, stability and control while diving your drysuit in a standard GUE equipment configuration. Course is two days, with academics and pool training followed by ocean dives to complete the course requirements.



GUE DPV Course - Los Angeles

GUE’s Diver Propulsion Vehicle Level 1 course is designed to introduce divers to the skills and knowledge required to safely use underwater propulsion vehicles in open water. Other course outcomes include: knowledge of the basic principles of DPV diving, dive planning, teamwork while using a DPV, environment and conservation awareness, stress management, navigation, standard and emergency procedures, DPV maintenance and troubleshooting, and the potential hazards of diving with a DPV.